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No upload for 'Project Pony Final Blow'. I'll work on projects below when I have the time. Some projects won't be updated cause of low interest.                    

                                              | |  The Project Run  | |
                      - Project Jigglypuff Wallpaper [100%]
                      - Project Lucario Wallpaper [100%]
                      - Project Absol Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - Project Krystal Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - Project Rayman Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - Project Duck Hunt Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - Project Ichigo Kurosaki Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - Project Roronoa Zoro Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - Project Death the Kid Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - Project Knuckles Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - Project Octavia Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - Project Princess Luna Wallpaper [WIP]
                      - P.C. Ponies [All /w codes] [Deleting older dev uploads] [WIP]

                                                      || Updates ||
                      - Project Rainbow Dash Wallpaper [FINAL VERSION] [WIP]
                      - Project Derpy Hooves Wallpaper [FINAL VERSION] [WIP]
                      - Project Fluttershy Wallpaper [FINAL VERSION] [WIP]
                      - Project Pinkie Pie Wallpaper [FINAL VERSION] [WIP]
Not dead. I make art, but that is people's work. I'll think of uploading more art sooner or later. I might unretire from being a brony artist. Don't count it'll be 99%. I'm out. Stay dope and keep the party going forever bruhs.

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Thank you so much for the fave<3:iconrubcheeksplz:
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