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Project Profile Pic Ponies by Ac1dSn0w Project Profile Pic Ponies by Ac1dSn0w
Worked on this for quite awhile. I'll be adding more ponies. Check any dates in the description to see any changes to this deviation. Credits are here below!

Want to remove the Watermark? Download here and get it in separate icons :
OLD VERSION : xxelitegenerationsxx.deviantar…
Want a request? Ask me. Donate 10 points to me and sure you can use the icons separately in the download.

[UPDATE] 11/30/13 'Sweet Apple Acres My Ass':
+ Added Colgate
+ Added Daring Doo
+ Added Edward Elric ^My custom Elric^
+ Added Lightning Dust
+ Added Ms_Peachbottom
+ Added Octavia
+ Added Photo Finish
+ Added Queen Chrysalis
+ Added Silver Spoon
+ Added Soarin'
+ Added Spitfire
* Vinyl Scratch isn't in this. I'm putting a .rar file to download the icons with separate

[UPDATE] 9/30/2013 'The Forgotten Deviant Uploader':
+ Added Apple Bloom
+ Added Sweetie Belle
+ Added Scootaloo
+ Added Babs Seed
+ Added Diamond Tiara
+ Added Cheerliee
+ Added Shining Armor
+ Added Princess Cadance
+ Added *Random OC Pony* Princess Paradise
+ Added Berry Punch
+ Added Cloudchaser
+ Added Big Macintosh
+ Added Braeburn
+ ^Special^ Added Sunset Shimmer

[UPDATE] ()Awake and Alive() 8/15/2013:
+ Updated Preview
+ Rearranged Icons in Preview
+ Added Unknown Comers in Preview
+ Added Derpy Hooves
+ Added Doctor Whooves
+ Added *The long awaited OC Pony* Moon-Shine

[UPDATE] 8/3/2013:
+ Updated Preview
+ Added Princess Celestia
+ Added Princess Luna
+ Added Gl0wSt0rm
+ Added Lyra
+ Added Bonbon
+ Added Spike

+ Twilight Sparkle vector thanks to ThePonyArtCollection on Tumblr…
 () Added smile effect by me (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Remove some parts of the vector for perfection (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Rarity vector thanks to DrFatalChunk on deviantART
 () Added smile effect (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Remove the side of the tail for profile pic (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Pinkie Pie vector thanks to IsNomineVacans on deviantART
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Face differences (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Changed vector (7/30/13) (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Applejack vector thanks to kittyhawk-contrail kittyhawk-contrail.deviantart.…
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Changed vector (7/30/13) (Ac1dSn0w)
+ Rainbow Dash vector thanks to krusiu42
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Fluttershy vector thanks to Chrispy248
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Princess Celestia vector thanks to pinkiemina on Derpibooru…
 () N/A (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Princess Luna vector thanks to santafer
 () Removed side wing of the vector (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Gl0wSt0rm vector by me (Used Play Store App)
 () *Creativity (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Lyra vector thanks to TheShadowStone
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Bonbon vector thanks to nikolaz15
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Remove background (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Spike vector thanks to Pony-Berserker
 () Changed mouth (difficulty: Medium) (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Rotated image (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Moon-Shine vector (Zer0Gravity) {Requested by XxThatRandomPersonxX // Moon-Shine}
 () Fully custom!
 () Rainbow Dash hair vectored in a episode in MLP FiM : Season 2!

+ Derpy Hooves vector thanks to Godoffury
 () Removed Wings (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Adjusted neck due to the wing connected to neck (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Fixed other issues (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Doctor Whooves vector thanks to BucketOfWhales
 () Removed background (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Removed arms from image (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Apple Bloom vector thanks to =mandydax
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Removed side arms (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Babs Seed vector thanks to DaRock1119
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Berry Punch vector thanks to thatguy1945
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Turned vector (Pony) sideways (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Big Macintosh vector thanks to abydos91
 () Turned vector (Pony) sideways lol (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Braeburn vector thanks to FloppyChiptunes…
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Turned vector (Pony) sideways (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Removed his right eye with homemade custom eye (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Edit(ed) the eye eye brow lol (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Cheerliee vector thanks to totalcrazyness101 totalcrazyness101.deviantart.c…
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Enhanced cropping (Ac1dSn0w)
+ Diamond Tiara vector thanks to metatiara
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Removed something on her mane tail? (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Lightning Dust vector thanks to HankOfficer
 () Removed side tail mane (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Princess Cadance vector thanks to Mokrosuhibrijac… lol
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Increased HD resolution due to lower pixel quality (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Princess Paradise vector goes to Liggliluff {Random Request}
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Turned vector (Pony) sideways (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Scootaloo vector thanks to ThePonyArtCollection on Tumblr…
 () Removed side wings in the background

+ Shining Armor vector thanks to 90Sigma
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Modified eye brows (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Sunset Shimmer vector thanks to Flash-draw
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Left eye brow modified (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Sweetie Belle vector thanks to Felix-KoT
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Removed tail mane in the background (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Silver Spoon vector thanks to a ?
 () Pretty sure it's not mine. lel (Ac1dSn0w)
 () A 30 to 50 degrees rotation for perfect face angle (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Removed eyelashes (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Queen Chrysalis vector thanks to Ace the Fox on Derpibooru
 () Re edited the right eye (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Moved the mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Photo Finish scene pic thanks to MLP Wiki IMGs
 () My custom transparent Photo Finish. I have her with no glasses. (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Removed some stuff off her clothes (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Spitfire vector thanks to jlryan
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Soarin' vector thanks to ChainChomp2
 () Removed tire wrinkles (Ac1dsSn0w)
 () Enhanced mouth smile (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Lightning Dust vector thanks to HankOfficer
 () Removed some of the sides on Lightning Dust (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Ms. Peachbottom vector thanks to thatguy1945
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Octavia vector thanks to Atomickasskicker
 () Fixed width due to Octavia looking too wide from the original image (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Fixed poor left eye vector of the eyebrow of Octavia (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Fixed eyes not having make up between the nose (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Fixed poorly vectored right ear (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Enhanced mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Daring Doo vector thanks to DolphinFox
 () Removed side wings (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Changed mouth (Ac1dSn0w)

+ ^New comer^ Edward Elric vector thanks to easterdara
 () Massive edit to the eyes from the actual eye vector with deep editing (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Has lots of smile effects (Regular Smile / Big Smile / Open Mouth Smile) (Ac1dSn0w)

+ Colgate vector thanks to SniperNero
 () Removed the side on back (Ac1dSn0w)
 () Changed mouth expression (Ac1dSn0w)
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Lost-Our-Dreams Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
lol it's like they all lined up for school pictures like these are their faces when they said 'Say Cheese'
Blue-Lambda Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Amazing :3 :) keep the good work :3  :hug:
7camo7 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Silverspoon ? 
aww ;^;
awesomemordecairigby Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Student General Artist

awesomemordecairigby Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Student General Artist
I used Dr.Whooves if you don't mind
Camofire096 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Could you do me a request? :D
Dylgo Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
do you take requests?it's no problem at all if you don't :)
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Dylgo Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
ok like I said, it's no big deal if you decide not to. It is entirely your decision, after all :)
TF2 Sentry Buildup 
can you do me???
ill send you the most recent pic of my oc

TripleRainbowDash Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Very cute! Applejack and Pinkie Pie's eyes look a little unnerving, though. Otherwise, they all look great. :)
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TripleRainbowDash Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
No problem, they look much better now! 
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